Chocolate and the inner-child – Chapon Chocolatier – 70% Cuba

Chapon Chocolatier – 70% Rare Cacao from Cuba
Chocolat Noir

A tip of my “hat”, or as they say in France, “mon chapeau” to Patrice Chapon the Chocolatier behind this uncommonly nuanced bar.  “Delicious” is the best word to describe the chocolate. He and his chocolate deserves better so I wrote the following review.

As a chocolate taste-tester, I think I found what I’ve been looking for –it has a resealable package or “sachet” to preserve and protect the freshness. My main problem with almost 99% of all chocolate bars is that you cannot reseal them.

This brand has a beautiful enticing picture on their packaging which embodies the rare origins Chapon chocolate comes from.  In this case, the package oddly does not look Cuban although it is the origin of the cacao. It looks African which is not even the native origin of chocolate.  It is however, exotic, mysterious and transportative.  It matches the fantastic and almost out-of-body-experience caused by enjoying the contents within. A basic, yet appealing simple gold piece of paper board inside shows thorough thoughtfulness to protect an awesome temper. On the back there is a quote, a story which embraces tasters, sommeliers, chocophiles, chocolate lovers, foodies and possibly even milk chocolate lovers.  Everything begs you to open this masterfully designed sachet.

Original French: “J’aime par-dessus tout travailler le chocolat, et me méfie du mot passion.  Le chocolat occupe une place de choice dans le paysage gourmand.  La tablette incarne le rêve de transporter son désir avec soi, dont le carré est le fragment.  Avec cette tablette, je cherche bien plus à nourrir les souvenirs d’enfance que les appétits…”

– Patrice Chapon

Google Translation: “I love working chocolate, and I’m wary of the word passion. Chocolate occupies a place of choice in the greedy landscape. The tablet embodies the dream of carrying his desire with himself, whose square is the fragment. With this tablet, I look much more to feed childhood memories than appetites …”

Translation from a French speaking ex-fiancé : “I love, above all, working with chocolate, but I don’t believe in applying the word passion…transporting our desire to experience ourself, the square, a fragment of the whole, looks to nourish the piece of us that is our child within, more than the appetite..”

Something like that.As for the taste? It was consistently profound.

It was acidic but had no pucker.  Think wine or coffee.  It was walnut with smoke and cherry tomatoes in the nose. It was raisin coffee on the tongue. It was, the memories of my childhood experiences of chocolate I love and chase and dream to be transported back into.

There was nothing industrial about the aroma meaning no soy lecithin or cocoa butter was used. It was uncommon and rare.

What else are you looking for in a chocolate bar?  What are we all looking for?  Where else do we look?

I give it 7 out of 8 #chocolate_islands since the intensity of flavor does not allow for a very long linger. So, I will have to buy this same bar again to really prolong the experience. I hope it is not too rare or it will be my loss.  I intended to hold onto my desire to connect to my inner-child through chocolate by devouring many different origins and flavor profiles.

I highly recommend visiting @hawaiiancacaoceremony or the website for more on inner-child work.  They practice a Hawaiian form of healing and self-aloha called “Aloha and Ho’oponopono” involving Hawai’i grown chocolate and cacao.

As a co-founder of the shop, I can admit, this is what I was looking for.


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