Chocolatier of Damville. Black on black. Michel Cluizel 99% Noir Inifini

Damville? Really? Sounds like an obscene word. The Chocolate that comes from it is tragically dark.

Did I do something wrong to deserve this? It felt a bit sadomasochistic and I haven’t finished it. Maybe I won’t? And maybe I, won’t

I am glad it’s a small bar but still I question my motives for picking this one since they have such a huge line of bars of varying sizes.

I did read an article about the correlation between psychopaths and chocolate but I doubted it until now.  I didn’t like the article but here it is.  Then I found that similar articles exist for Gin and Tonic Lovers, Coffee Lovers and more.  The bottom line is “bitter is not better”.

I assume we all agree but, bravery should be rewarded.

This “infini” bar may last forever.  Like months.  Is it named that because buyers will never eat it to completion? I want a spoonful of sugar to help the bitter alkaloids (medicine) go down now. That’s 👌 okay too as I am not a perfectionist and choose not to judge my every action to the point of oblivion. So sugar is okay to ingest, when it comes to chocolate.

I don’t think Cluizel is a perfectionist either. It is a 99% bar after all — not a 100%

The 1%? It’s Ginger. It’s vanilla. It’s cinnamon and sugar. It’s an attempt at compassion for an otherwise cruelly abrassive flavor profile.

Imagine dipping your tongue in black paint just to watch it dry.

It will challenge everyone who eats/tastes it so pray to God they do not make a bigger bar. Ever. You see the wait for it to start tasting good is never over.  It didn’t happen for me.

The 1% of other ingredients supply a spicy flagellation. Solace, only for the most fervent believers in the religion of 100% pure cacao chocolate.

If you ever had to regret a bar, a choice or decision in your life, this is it.

I give it 3 out of a possible 7 #chocolate_islands because now I need to put it in my past, or run to church…or another bar.

The cleverness of adding 3 spices was intriguing so I did try another few pieces but I am sure that even at my chocolate tastings, cleverness won’t translate into consumption. Bewilderment, yes.

I believe it may be simplicity that this bar is lacking.  The packaging had it.  The snap, the linger and aroma were all on point and maybe it deserves a higher ranking.

But still, does it deserve another taste?

Maybe I am offended, maybe I am not psychopathic enough to enjoy the taste’s torment.  Maybe that’s okay.

I accept myself more than this bar and so I won’t let the relationship continue.

I’ve never been one to feed on drama — I feed on chocolate. So someone please help, I need intervention to stop this abuse of my tastebuds.

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