Feed me Foucher, Chocolate from Madagascar

100% Organic Cacao or as they say in France, “Bio”.  Pronounced “Bee – Oh”.  It’s adorable and fancy!

This bar exemplifies what Hawaiian Cacao Chocolate Makers can learn to define itself as an industry in the world.

Some chocolate from Hawai’i is great to pound. I mean, I eat as much of it as I can and overlook the inflammatory effects of the sugar.

Sure, the cacao is a mild anti-inflammatory but I use the word mild very strongly.  Coconut sugar bars are still the way to go if you are on a diet and want to stay Paleo, Vegan or Ketogenic while consuming heroic doses of chocolate.  (Some white refined sugars are refined with charred fish bones rendering them not vegan friendly.)

After tasting this world famous chocolate I decided it was best to eat it! It was the maker that was famous.  So, knowing that, I letting it linger until it dissolved like a shout into outerspace.  The darkness and depth in flavour was vast.

It gave me much satisfaction as it melted like butter on my tongue, infusing it’s fine aromas into my sinus cavity. Flavor is 90% aroma after all and what I discovered was that after the long wait for it to melt, this bar was perfectly tempered. Shiny and smooth, a more perfect mouthfeel is not possible and just a bit of beurre de cacao was detected but could only reveal this bar was slightly less than 100% cocoa solids.  There was however, no sugar…. Maybe I was wrong though and these beans were really fatty. In my experience making chocolate, 100% without added cocoa butter is to thick, sticky and unpleasant. Think what about what happens when you give a dog peanut butter. It is known that beans from different origins have different percentages of cocoa butter in them. So maybe they added none since there was no asphyxiation even at the fast rate I devoured it.

The reward from the slow melt was a limited flavor profile. Sounds strange I know.

It was surprising simple and peculiarly sweet in the way only the best tasting beans can be.

It was a good choice of bean for a 100% bar and I was glad for a very low challenge on my palette so I could eat it. Instead of just taste it.

If I can eat a lot of chocolate it’s usually not because of complex flavor. In fact, the more complex the flavor, the less one needs to have, to be satisfied.

I believe 2 things happen, 1., the pleased palette creates contentment and 2., the fat, magnesium, antioxidants, zinc, chromium and SSRI’s lift the mood and nourish the brain creating contentment. This bar fulfills number 2. If you need a palette trip, or a flavor high, try another origin or a different percentage.

Sometimes it’s the sugar satisfying a sweet tooth or sugar craving that causes contentment, not cacao or chocolate.  But thats not really contentment.  That’s addiction and thats for another review.

Also, for another review is the concept of what I left out in number 2. from above.  Do you realize it is still only conjecture as to why we love chocolate?  Scientists don’t know.  But they know theobromine, the stimulant in chocolate, is not addictive.  Could it still be a reason people crave chocolate?  Why do you think we crave chocolate?

I give this bar 5 🏖🏖🏖🏖 out 7 #chocolate_islands since the packaging is hard to find a compliment for. The painting is nice. And the Parisian bag is classy af and I would carry it around anywhere but its not exclusive to this bar! What a Fantastic and perfect gift! Thanks @zoe_organic ! Aloha nui loa! @chocolat_foucher_opera

I would like to add that I still have not finished this bar because we are saving it for a chocolate tasting on #tastingtuesday.  It is that good.  Flavor-wish.  At Hawaii Chocolate Review, we believe the bars should not just be rated on their flavors since the whole experience is important. Some tell a story. Some do not.  But walking the line is a pleasure.  If bias occurs I will be the first to admit it! I don’t want to taint a review with my own personal taste.  These reviews are meant to be as neutral and ambivalent as possible while educating consumers and promoting the best.

Foucher is one of those.  Maybe I waited my whole life to taste this bar.  To truly discover that sweetness can be in the bean.  To acknowledge that sweetness and pleasantness does not come from sugar alone.  That is one reason I know of, to eat chocolate.

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