Chocolat Bonnat (Isère, Voiron) – Asia

75% Dark Chocolate

Known to be the first “bean-to-bar”, chocolate maker in the world, Chocolat Bonnat deserves the reputation.  They set the standard.  The temper was a bit out, forgivable though since they invented “bean-to-bar”.  The packaging is standard and all around, this historical piece of culinary manufacture is the way by which all other bars should be measured.  Is it above average in anyway? Yes.  The aroma and flavor was, asian.  It was smokey like pu’uerh black tea.  A fermented chinese black tea that is world famous.  This bar was that.  It was Asia, the birth place of tea.  Side note, Tea is called Tea because of the post office box markings for delivery in Portugal which were marked with a T.  What was being sent so often was “Cha”, the indigenous name for tea.  Remember, “ma-tcha”? Thats the name for green tea.  So, whatever the nomenclature I have lost the point of this review.

I simply wanted to say that this bar, also had distinct notes of a candy shop at the same time as a tea shop.

Sure, thats predictable but they have many many many bars from many origins.  I will have to try all of them.

This was surprising simple profile for such a world-class name but I am sure it was well executed.  Fermented black tea is such a precise flavor to mass produce that, eventually this becomes the art form.  I use the term mass-production gently as not much in Europe is mass-produced compared to “Big-Chocolate.”  In America for example, mass production means dilution, generality and essentially a loss of identity.  This is distinctly different about Europe.  It’s noticeable in the chocolate.

I give it 4 out of a possible 7 #chocolate_islands since its delicacy like a tea or “cha” was easily overlooked and quickly forgotten about.  Like a tea, eating this delicacy is more about the moment then the linger.

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