Dormouse Chocolate – 71.5% Philippines (Kablon Farms)

So toasted oats, black currant and the other suggested flavors were just that, suggestions.
Which is okay because everyone’s palette is different.ย  We all taste things differently.

What was not merely a suggestion to me, in tasting from Kablon farms in the Philippines was a short, 5-day ferment showcasing the yeasty, sour and malty souvenirs of a roasted cacao bean. I thought I could get drunk from its distinctly beer-like aromatics. But, soberly I was hit with flavors that matched the beautiful reds and chic blue hues of this carefully hand wrapped and hand made paper exterior @dormousechocs I would have wanted more but each bite was so lavish and luxurious I am afraid it could last me lifetime. Just a shred of this English delicacy is flavorful enough to satisfy anyone’s curiosity of bean-to-bar chocolate. Because I like to share, I am so glad there is more! Because of @kosakparis I know this phenomenon of exquisite taste experiences is growing bigger. It would be too sad if Dormouse were the only ones but they stand out even though there are more craft chocolatiers everyday! I will recommend this to every newbie or new comer to the scene as perfect icebreaker. The snap, or temper, broke like perfectly formed crystals. There is a lot to glean from the humble mastery here and I want to give it a perfect score. I won’t. Caramel was the only accurate tasting note for me so I will give it a 6 ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–out of 7 #chocolate_islands to solidify or temper the idea that the “bar” has just been set a lot higher by these folks.ย  It is not unsurpassable. Bean-to-bar chocolate making is an art form and they are perhaps defining the genre for future generations. And, like all art forms, no one is “the best”.

As a bean-to-bar chocolate maker myself I would like to comment on the mould. I think it is glorious and beautiful but perhaps thats to the sense organ of the eyes.ย  The tongue and mouth simply slid over the morsels without a snag.ย  A bit of a drag but a feast for the eyes indeed.

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