Pleasure Hacking and ethical Tanzania Cacao.

Kokoa Kamili – Unroasted Cacao Beans

I get it. These beans are amazing. The flavors of banana, berries caramel and acid wowed me immediately. I forgot what I knew about other beans. These beans can teach you about chocolate. Thanks @kosakparis for sharing and I hope feel better soon! I wonder if this is how chocolate makers are born. “Exactly ” is the English translation for the Swahili word Kamili. They speak that in Tanzania. Remember, Africa is not the name of the country Americans. It’s the name of the continent.

Oh and I also didn’t forget the honey and almond flavors also profoundly present in these epic beans.

This potentially world class “fine-flavor” cacao exists because of genetics. The crop was introduced here in the area of Mount Kilamanjaro in the 1880s. “But why have been hearing about this Cocoa?” All mountains aside, which physically is very hard to do, you know this Cocoa because It is a co-op. There are over 2000 farmers growing cacao on lots as small as .5 acres. Thinking about quality makes Kokoa Kamili special. They buy wet beans from all the family farmers in the coop and focus on fermentation which is arguably has the most impact on flavor. I agree however. After tasting these I may have to rename the Instagram account to Africanchocolateteview. I’m kidding. No unroasted cacao is that good and my favorite and home base is still Cacao farmed and grown in by Americans in Hilo, Hawai’i USA. I do argue however that they can all learn a lot from each other. Even Ecuadorian cacao has room for growth. What and who in life doesn’t?! My theory is this. Cacao has over 1,200 flavors, more than every other food and they are all understudied and mostly unknown. As a species we are hacking cacao on global basis for our own please. Pleasure hacking. And we haven’t done this yet because of how complex cacao farming and fermentation is. Not everyone is a pleasure hacker but as a fellow human being I am doing my part. I am doing the best I can by reviewing the worlds rarest and best chocolate. What are you hacking to advance the species?
I give it 6 🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖out of 7 #chocolate_islands for many reasons (outlined on the blog)

One is packaging. These were the largest beans I have ever seen.

Two. Being unroasted I did not get to experience the true magic of ameliorating the tannins and acetic acid with exposure to heat.

Three. There was a low cocoa butter content.  They were Forestero if I remember correctly so I would have expected something much more mellow.  I did not taste the husk.

The fermentation was perfect because the beans were intact once peeled.  There was no decomposition of the nibs.

Five.  Nothing is perfect and we are still, and they are still perfecting cocoa fermentation.

Six. Every origin for now will have its own best and until the bean is fully hacked, about 100 years I guess, we will have to settle for 6’s out 7s.

Seven.  In 100 years, people will look back the entrepreneurial ingenuity of early Tanzanian coop cacao farming here as the foundation for ethical fine flavor cacao.  The hope is that only ethical fine flavor cacao will be available sooner than that.  Tastebuds crossed.42629597_1967778459974124_7435943649126383616_nkokoa.jpeg

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