Ecuador’s got Cacao (Talent)

Pacari – 60% Organic, Fairtrade, Maracuyá/Passionfruit Chocolate

International Chocolate Awards 2017 Winner, in World, Silver Place

This stuff is great. I love passionfruit. They dried it and melanged it to such exquisite size that it tingles on my tongue like an edible toothpaste.  I let it coat my mouth and tastebuds and I was not disappointed. Surprise is a key factor in flavor getting winning a chocolate island in that category. The other categories were as follows.

The packaging was on point.  Descriptive, through and shiny.  Quite beautiful though its most likely not sustainable and it is definitely not entirely resealable. I won’t count that against this bar because the box does reseal just not the plastic foil which is not compostable. Not a lot of chocolate it is and that is another great surprise I like to find when I tasting the worlds rarest chocolates.  Unfortunately compostable packaging is more rare than rare cacao.  Points to Pacari anyway.

The smell/aroma was great, fresh and hand a locally made feel.  I believe that it was quite cured yet and so I expect the flavor to change a bit day after day sitting in my chocolate library.  You see that is 1 reason why resealable packaging is so important.  Fat absorbs aroma. So, with enough unsealable chocolates, they will all infuse each other and completely loose their individual characteristics.

The shape and look of the bar was totally boring. No surprise there. No points either then. I have to be fair.

The linger was the best part.  Or was it the mouthfeel. I am not sure but both are quite memorable.  I tasted this bar in the moment, while walking down the street at a brisk pace on a less then sunny, less then warm day.  With a very close friend by my side, I will remember this day forever as tasted my first bar with passionfruit ever.  It was a long time in the making.

The temper was a snap. So, success there.  I bought 2 more of their bars to review you will be seeing next in these reviews.  Thanks for staying tuned and reading!

I highly recommend this bar to any seasoned or beginner chocolate taster.  It was very satisfying and I had no urge to consume mass amounts as only a little was satisfying.  The high quality of the cacao actually came through and did compete with the acidic tartness of the South American fruit.  I guess both are South American so this must have added to its local essence. It was completely lacking in ennui.

I give it 5 out of a possible 7 #chocolate_islands since you should buy it but you won’t eat all of right away.  Its too satisfying and by the time you get back to it, the flavors will have amalgamated with others.  Yeah, that’s right.  Its too good to not be fully resealable.  Someone get me some glassine! Where are @projetochocolates humidors when you need them!

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