The Mythology of Greek Bean-to-Bar Chocolate…

Ion Chocolate – 80% Dark Chocolate, & Ion Chocolate – 65% Dark Chocolate with almonds

From 1927, places like Ghana, and The Ivory Coast, where 2.2 million children are enslaved to cocoa production,  this company has made claim to have sourced their cocoa.  Its beautifully demonstrated on their website and since there is no organization to check and prove the origin’s ethics, lets say that equanimity in cocoa is the biggest myth of all. Some companies are aiming to change that.  Some companies are aiming to cover up it up but we are not here discuss that.  We are here to discuss the flavors of these candy bars.  They are not bean-to-bar so there is not much to say or comment on, other than their existence and possible participation and perpetuation of unpaid child labor.

Both were chalky and devoid of character.  Both were candy bars that left me wanting real chocolate.  You know what that is.  Lush, rich luxurious calming and stimulating unprocessed cacao.  It is life.  It is pleasure it is heaven and it is not made by Ion.

I highly recommend, if this chocolate is something you like, to read my reviews of actual bean-to-bar chocolate.  This review is a call to education.

Remember when you were a child and you sure, loved Greek mythology and still do which is besides the point, and there were some foods you didn’t like?  Maybe tomatoes were gross to you as a child, or avocados or beer and alcohol.  I am not sure what you didn’t like as a child but I know you tastes changed.  Hopefully your ethics along with it.

If you want to watch your taste buds continue to grow and you want have the moral center of a mature adult I can recommend some amazing chocolates.

Sure Greek cultures is AMAZING! Maybe since cacao is known as the “Food of the Gods”, we can discuss Aphrodite, Zeus, Apollo and the others to invoke a sense of pride not found in this chocolate’s quality.

Sure this review is a total burn, but it is my duty to secure all of the readers to avoid unethical candy on their pursuit of chocolate ecstasy.  The word ecstasy actually comes from the Greek “Ekstasis”, meaning withdrawal of the soul from the body, or a mystic or prophetic trance.  All those things are available elsewhere, though the word comes from here.

And just as the French elevated chocolate into its current bean-to-bar trend, the meaning of ecstasy also did not mean “rapturously happy” or “an exalted state” until they started using and defining the word.

Chocolate is a way of understanding history and discovering the world.  Ion, the illegitimate son of Apollo, in Greek mythology seems to have been the appropriate character for this brand to take its name from.  You see, Ion’s mother, not recognizing him as her own planned to murder him.  This was after her husband Xuthus brought Ion home as per prophecy from the Delphic Oracle.  Cruesa, the adulteress, did not realize Ion was her son though.  Xuthus was cheated on and for some reason Ion wanted to kill his Mom Xuthus. My take on this is that Ion, is a chocolate company created through an amoral affair. Due to their lack of fair-trade and accountability to the farmers, I sadly conclude this review with this comparison.

I give it 1 out of a possible 7 #chocolate_islands because, it like most Greek myths it is tragic and epic at the same time.

In case you want to know more, the flavors were as pedestrian as you can get.  No nuances.  Just chalk and sugar.  The almonds were nice but usually almonds are nice.  I cannot recommend this to anyone.


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