Cocoa Recalibration

The Chocolate Wave – Pure Hawai’i Grown Cacao Tea
This is amazing! It has a taste that even the Aztecs would be proud of and it’s ceremonial grade! Imagine if cocoa could be defined as flavor like banana or strawberry. This is as cocoa a taste as I have ever had. It’s a bit one dimensional but takes you down the flavor rabbit hole on a psychoactive journey. Were these famers @hilosharkscoffee growing based on chemical potency?

Most growers focus on flavor and with this the only focus is how directly blunt and consistent the theobromine hits you cup after cup. Sure it melts at like 500 degrees but the chemical migrates from the bean to the husk during fermentation so after hot water extraction, it’s highly concentrated in my morning mug. I have to throw out husk as it won’t dissolve. It’s not cocoa powder (thankfully). It’s pure and unprocessed, has no additives and contains the “fine nib dust” commonly reserved for chocolate making. This is as close as drinking “xocolatl” the ancient Mayan beverage as I have ever had. Yes, I’ve drank cacao paste…I read once that because the Spanish did not like the texture of the husk, they removed them from the paste, beverages and chocolate. Maybe growing based on chemical efficacy is not and has not been anyones intention but could it have been. The Olmecs, the pre-Mayan chocolate cultivators drank the pulp from the fresh fruit! It was found based on its theobromine content from 5000 years ago. Cacao has more theobromine than any other food and this delicious, ethical, well packaged cacao tea will connect you to something special. Maybe it’s aloha, maybe it’s the combination of aloha and theobromine. I think you’ll find what makes it so amazing is that it is in YOUR cup! We, are the missing piece to the chocolate puzzle. Revolutionary products like this gives us purpose in this rapidly evolving chocolate paradise. You owe this to your self.
I give it 6 πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ– out of 7 #chocolate_islands because I may prefer it over barred chocolate. Heat brings out aroma and drinking this hot is like tripping down memory lane while in the present, your tastebuds get recalibrate to a healing and deeply medicinal serum.

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