Chocolate by candlelight

Tolita – 70% Organic Arriba Cacao “Pure”

Chocolate by candlelight. A great way to enhance your tasting acuity. Sometime close your eyes, turn off the music and just taste. This bar was music to my mouth. It was, as my notes remind me, as if sundown were a flavor. In the nose I picked up a sour whiskey aroma that started a symphony a flavor on my calibrated tastebuds. Marshmallow for an instant sang into the darkness with an echo of almond. Could I detect there was bacon and caramel next, in the orchestra? Only because the lights were off.

I let this bars diverse and almost visually sensed flavors guide me through the night. Maybe I am developing synesthesia. Maybe it’s worth it.

The linger was too short and it also could have benefited the mouthfeel with some added cocoa butter. 70% is already low. I hate it when my reviews are all 5s and 6s over and over again because it seems boring and maybe my tongue is off. But who would want to eat anything below a five. It has happened and I’ll share. But for now, this quick concert of flavor earned a 5 🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖out 7 #chocolate_islands because it’s denouement was so short and they know it. 2 servings in a package?

Really @tolitachocolate make it 3 with a longer sustain of flavor to earn a higher review!

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