Self Identity through Chocolate

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Chocolate Amatller – 70% Cacao

Amorphously floral and mildly spicy. Think of a black pepper shaker in a dinner. The word that comes to mind is flairless. I would say the image on the front is the best part. It’s neutrally aggressive. Can I say that? I mean it’s not the chalky, waxy chocolate that gives dark chocolate a bad name. This is a fine gourmet product. But, I wanted another piece before I finished the first. I wanted more, flavor. It was boring. It was not bean-to-bar but made from cocoa paste so I should not be surprised. There was no modernization. No update from their 200+ years in business. 10 years ago this bar was probably at the top level before bean-to-bar explode on the international chocolate scene. Even 100 years ago I am sure they defined the art.


In the evolving world of chocolate, knowledge is everything. Sure holding your own in history is damn important but lets not get stuck in the past. These reviews are about helping others find their way to sheer pleasure. These reviews are about helping others follow their bliss. That’s what chocolate has in it. Bliss.

IMG_4126 2

This bar allowed me to derive bliss from its tasting because of its chemical composition (the “bliss” molecules inside it) but also because it gave me the opportunity to discover the real purpose of Hawai’i Chocolate Reviews. Maybe self-reflection is bliss? No, it’s self-knowledge. Knowing I really enjoy doing this is what brought me the most bliss during tasting this chocolate.


If you like this bars taste, welcome to the demure group of millions who also like or love it. But is that where your own self-definition stops? Or, could you consider the uniqueness, nuances and individuality of bean-to-bar chocolate. Its the best for self-reflection in my humble opinion. The best for personal growth.

The vibe is “black on black”, right here…

There are about 650 bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the world currently and they can create one-of-a-kind-in-the-world flavor. It is those flavors that I derive my personal self-growth and there in bliss. It gives me a sense of direction and purpose. I am on a path. I am following something deep. It’s the same thing all chocolate reviews do. They follow their own bliss. It’s one way we define ourselves as individuals (reviewing the chocolate is blissful even if the chocolate taste is fleeting).

The most important realization here is that we are collectively defining, the most pleasurable chocolate experiences. In this way “Choco-sapiens” helps and is united in reaching its peak bliss as a species. It seems humanity want to get to a sort of high from something in chocolate. You want to know how. We will help and figure it out together.

I give this bar 4 out of 7 chocolate_islands because it did cause a lot of introspection since there was a huge lack of flavor and aroma and linger. And, here is a list of other great chocolate reviewers who can help you get your bliss on!

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