Self-renaissance through Chocolate

Henri La Roux – 75% cacao, Columbia.


Slightly sweaty and smokey flavors erupt initially. Then apricot. Later plum. It’s dark chocolate!

The timeline of flavor distribution in my mouth went something like this: Black currant, 0:27 seconds in.  Raisin at 0:28 seconds and sour cherry after, at 0:35. Don’t keep track. It’s more fun. But for purely scientific purposes, almond notes occurred after 0:45 seconds. And, avocado happened to me at nearly a minute, 0:55 seconds after tasting. Soon after it was totally dissolved. Pleasantly. The linger remains now only in my heart.

I wanted to say walnut too but maybe just because I need omega 3s from walnuts. It’s the one thing missing from chocolate to make it an exclusive food source. IMO. I couldn’t taste it but my body wanted it.

Vegetal arugula notes, which were detected upon a second tasting, were without its distinct spiciness or nuttiness. The beginning of a raspberry or blackberry averaged out on my tastebuds. It is nearly a standard for bean to bar chocolate, currently. So, I did not notate the flavor time lapse.

I have some context:


I had a singular focus on the chocolate. Though typing these notes withdrawn on my cellphone, I was given reprise from additionally missing the environment I was in,  internally my environment was the pleasure of cacao from Henri La Roux.

Notes were taken down, while a beckoning sunset echoed through the park and trees and subsequent  windows. It was animated, like old fashioned phenakistiscope, bringing the whole experience to life. The soft warm flailing light reminds me only of a barrage of sunsets I have bore witness to lately. Lost and traveling with chocolate in wanderlust. Soft kisses from my lovers embrace desire to sway my focus on the chocolate. I’m not out of body but my soul is lifted tripping on life. The hippies almost had it all right. Except for a single monogamous partner who now only wants to sleep and chocolate. I want to eat more chocolate so I can stay awake and write. And, realize. But, I only have some @sebastiengaudardpatissier left and she’s tired.  I will try it before I sleep. I feel like I am finally getting away from domestic, candified chocolate.

Chocolate is everything w/ @maison_le_roux_france

5 out of 7 #chocolate_islands b/c I am having a personal renaissance from it.  Sure the package doesn’t seal but I am long way from home and the chocolate I used to know. I am so glad I have come so far and cannot wait to go further with my two lovers by side.

I’ll settle down and sleep now, while the theobromine keeps me alert to my fiancé’s every breathe and movement. I am glad to be alive, now. Or, is it, reborn.

IMG_4262 2
The bar that says it all.

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