Ecuadorian Chocolate, the origin of Chocolate

Kacau Chocolates – 74% Ecuadorian with Lime, Ginger and Black Pepper


Lemon and wait, it says lime. I’ll take it. Both essential oils are listed in the ingredients but only one on the label. It added depth and made me notice the package has a puzzle. It is written, “Do you know which Animal this is?” Then it says “Answer: Somewhere in this package”. I couldn’t find the answer but I did find the hidden ingredient of a welcome lemon essential oil.


The bar mould was boring but the temper solid.

The flavor was great and lasted for 15 minutes! The longest linger I have ever experienced!!! Whoa!

The black pepper was subtle but balanced and not hot or spicy. It worked well with the ginger which was actually spicy. The bar smelled like ginger only. Sure the cacao was well blended in but did not stand out which you wouldn’t want with this many inclusions. You want the blend.

Ecuador has just been discovered as the birthplace of cacao! So long Mayan chocolate! Adios Incan cacao and hasta la juego Olmec, Mexican and Honduran claims to ancient cacao cultivation. Sure, they did use it but the Ecuadorians did it first! Historically! I am not really picky though as my favorite is probably still Hawai’i grown.

This Kacau bar gets 5 out 7 #chocolate_islands because a small improvement would be to list the location of where in Ecuador the Cacao is grown. Also, your trivia/puzzle is too hard 🙂 what animal is this? @kacauecuador

Update: Kacau Chocolates has a new bar mould on the way and in Spanish they do not differentiate between Lemon and Lime!  Also spoiler alert, the animal is an endangered Ecuadorian Tree Frog!  Thanks to Chocolatecircles

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