Forget what you know about Citrus and Cacao

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img_7238Forget what you know, lemon and chocolate Yuzu is here. Made by THE (meiji) has world class taste, a questionable reputation, the best packaging on the market and now a stunning inclusion bar that’s, wait for it, sold at 7-11s in Tokyo I am told. The isn’t the future of beantobar, it’s the “THE” Chocolate of right now. img_7239img_7240

Tiny bits of dried Yuzu? Great, because it’s actual Yuzu, not lemon — which is the completely unenthralling substitute for when Yuzu supply not available. It’s a rare type of citrus different from a lemon and the differences come through in this bar. Even the box says, “limited”. So I want it. I taste it and know not everyone will like it. More for us.

That cleansing tartness clears the palette better then water, the typical palette refreshers for professional chocolate tasters.

Yuzu, again NOT lemon, has acid (citric) and a honey, floral aroma mostly uncommon with conventional citrus so surprise, it blends effortlessly into the bitters of the cacao. Flavor alchemy melds Yuzu and cacao with the sugar in this 3 (I’m assuming as I can’t read Japanese) ingredient bar to break anyone’s new years diet resolution.


Rarely does a bar inspire me to write while I taste it. Sometimes a bar doesn’t inspire at all. Other times like with previous THE chocolate I have reviewed, I have to write in the moment or the lag will create loss. This is how I capture the essence of the experience and the intention of craftsman/craftswoman/craftsperson. I write this review while experiencing THE. And as it just so happens, it is melting in my hand :(. It’s still happening and the first bar ( 1 of 3) is almost gone but because I put took it out of my hand and melted it in my mouth. I love a long lemony and sweet oral linger…who needs a breathe freshener, gum or other when I can taste it strong 10 minutes later. Unlike 90% of the competition which lacks linger.

Less is more and with precision on taste analysis emphasized on packaging, oh there is an app too you can be sure your $1.89US or ¥228  is very well spent.

I give it 7 out of 8 #chocolate_islands because it was everything but tempered.

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